Watch The Gap!

Gap Toothed Model

Watch The Gap!

Gap Toothed ModelMost of you have probably seen this not so subtle reminder all over the subways of New York City. Does anyone ever forget to “watch the gap”? If so they were probably mocked by their friends and passersby after they tripped getting out of the train. However, this is not the gap I am referring to. I am speaking about the most recent fashion trend among models everywhere, the gap between their two front teeth.

Millions of dollars are spent every year for kids to get braces to fix the gaps between their teeth. However, recently Tyra Banks sent a 20 year old contestant on America’s Next Top Model to the dentist to get her gap widened!

Has the aesthetically pleasing look of perfectly straight teeth made a u-turn? From the runways of Paris, to pages in top magazines, we are seeing an increase in models with a midline diastema, the technical dental lingo for the gap.

The gap doesn’t cause any issues, from a dental standpoint, so most dentists are not concerned when a patient doesn’t want to fix it. In many countries in Africa, the gap is a symbol of beauty and fertility.

Americans have always been criticized by the rest of the world for our so-called “fake” smiles that look ingenuous and cold. Has our quest for perfection driven people to rebel against the standard or is this just another fad that will disappear like MySpace or Crocs?

by Tarin Keith

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