What’s In A Smile: Republican Candidates Revealed

What’s In A Smile: Republican Candidates Revealed

A smile says a lot about a person. It is one of the first things we notice when we meet someone, allowing us to develop our 1st impression. There has been a whirlwind of media surrounding the Republican Presidential candidates during their debates and campaigns. We have seen many drop out and only a few rise to the top. These candidates are vying for your approval and your vote for the most highly touted positions in the US government. So let’s take a look at what their smiles say about them.

Mitt Romney
Romney, the ex-governor of Massachusetts, is the leader of the Republican race for Presidential candidacy. He has a comfort surrounding him that is emphasized by his pearly whites. A smile that could be described as “A pleasing well-proportioned smile”. His smile line follows the lower lip as it should. The width and length of his teeth are close to ideal. His “reveal”, the amount of tooth the lips show when smiling are also close to ideal. His teeth also have a pleasing color. Could they be veners or crowns?? Only his dentist knows for sure.

Rick Santorum
Likewise, Mr. Santorum has a well-proportioned smile with acceptable color and an ideal smile line. But his smile reveals his lower teeth as well. He probably shows more teeth than one would like to see. It may be in line with his agenda, showing more of his conservative views than Mitt. It appears at least from this picture, that there is some unevenness in the lower teeth on the right side which may subliminally bother voters….or not. After the crushing loss in Illinois, it makes one wonder why he would stay in the race, when mathematically he cannot win. Something to ponder…

Newt Gingrich
On the other hand, Newt has spaces between his upper front teeth with a chip noticeable on at least on one. The teeth appear short and worn, maybe from the stresses of his many years in congress, or many wives. Mr. Gingrich has a “reverse smile line” meaning that the smile line of his teeth appear to curve opposite that of his lower lip, generally not a pleasing characteristic for a smile. The short spaced and chipped teeth with a reverse smile line suggest aging. Whether this is good (very experienced) or bad (old fashioned, not with it) is up to the voter.

Ron Paul
Ron Paul Appears to have some uneven spacing and a somewhat inadequate reveal of his teeth when smiling. His teeth appear darker than Romney or Santorum. He almost has the appearance of biting his lip at least in this picture. Again, this is suggestive of aging, which may be a good or bad thing. But most people are not focusing on Ron Paul, let alone his smile. The real question is why he is smiling at all?.

Our vote for the smile to go up against Barak Obama? Mitt Romney!


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