Best Celebrity Dental Makeovers

Best Celebrity Dental Makeovers

It doesn’t take much to get a Hollywood smile. Often times minor fixes like laser whitening or braces make a world of difference. But in some cases, major dental surgery is necessary to give your smile that star quality.

Hilary Duff

Over the years, this Lizzie Maguire sweetheart has transformed from an adorable tween to a beautiful young woman. She had fairly straight teeth as a teenager, but her smile lacked the pearly luster characteristic of women in the movie industry today. In order to transition from silver screen to the big screen, Ms. Duff appears to have had porcelain veneers put in to give her a wider, brighter smile. This certainly is no extreme makeover — a few subtle, small changes were all that was necessary to make a major impact. We’re sure as a new mom, she will teach her child the same great dental hygiene habits she practices on herself.

Tom Cruise

From the elite fighter pilot who romances his teacher in Top Gun to the secret agent in Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise has built quite a career on his charisma and that pearly white smile. Although he is regarded as one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, even he seems to have had some veneer work done. But even with that perfect gleaming smile, if you look closely, you can see that his jaw is crooked. It seems his imperfections are what creates the rugged look that has made him one of the world’s sexiest men.

Celine Dion

The award for best dental makeover goes to Celine Dion. As a young woman she definitely needed help upgrading her look to become the international superstar she is today. The French-Canadian pop star speaks openly about her extensive dental work, which probably included braces to help align her teeth, followed by veneers applied to the visible portions of her teeth to give her a brighter, more even smile.

Morgan Freeman

And then there are some actors who are so good, their imperfect teeth are part of their charm. For a man who has played God in countless movies, it’s surprising Morgan Freeman felt no pressure to correct some of his dental issues. His perfectly imperfect smile has lent to an amazing acting career and proves that not all celebrities need cosmetic dentistry.

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