Award Winning Smiles From The Golden Globes

Award Winning Smiles From The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes are most commonly known for the designer dresses, sparkling accessories and gorgeous hair. The critics have their eyes out for the best and worst in every category. Since we are not fashionistas, we are choosing a different, but very important accessory to critique. Their award winning smiles.

Halle BerryWhitest Smile

This award goes to the person whose teeth sparkle so much that they rival some of the jewelry worn by these stars.  And the award for whitest smile goes to… Halle Berry. This X-Men star’s teeth outshine the brightest diamond and quite frankly, whoever handles her teeth whitening regimen, deserves a standing ovation!

Anne Hathaway Golden GlobesBrightest Smile

The brightest smile award goes to the person who shows the most joy and life through their smile. And the award goes to…Anne Hathaway. Her smile radiates personality and you just can’t help but smile when you see her. Plus, she won a Golden Globe for Les Miserables, so it’s easy to understand why she is glowing.

Jessica Alba SmileBest Smile

The best smile award goes to the person who has the whitest, brightest and most stunning smile. And the award goes to…Jessica Alba. Her smile exudes confidence, happiness and is sparkly white! (Whether she has Porcelain Veneers or not, we can’t be sure…Only her dentist would know). Having the best smile is Hollywood is no easy task. Congratulations Miss Alba.


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