Hockey Teeth

Missing NHL Player Teeth

Hockey Teeth

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks on their 2013 Stanley Cup win! We know it’s a long road to the cup and NHL players have to endure numerous injuries due to the nature of the sport. But, one injury seems to be quite common amongst hockey players… broken, missing and/ or damaged teeth.


Below are some of the worst hockey player teeth in the NHL (according to a recent survey by Greatest Hockey Legends):


Missing NHL Player Teeth1.) Alex Ovechkin – This Russian-born captain of the Washington Capitals is certainly no stranger to roughness on the ice. Since his start in the NHL… Ovechkin has made headlines with his impressive moves… as well as historic contract and over 9 million dollar a year salary. For these reasons… Ovechkin is one of the hottest players on the ice. So, why can’t he get his teeth fixed?!


Dany Heatley2.) Dany Heatley – This Minnesota Wild winger has had quite a success story… all the way from Germany. He has been voted into the NHL All-Star Game five times… and played in four of them. So much roughness over the years on the ice caused Heatley to lose some teeth… hence the gap. But, he seems to embrace the space in his smile.


Duncan Keith3.) Duncan Keith – We couldn’t write about hockey player teeth without mentioning one of Chicago’s own. Duncan Keith is the man who placed his baby boy in the actual Stanley Cup. The alternate captain for the Blackhawks was drafted in 2002… and since then he has grown with the team helping lead the way to two Stanley Cup wins over the last decade. Duncan’s teeth are so popular… they actually have their own Twitter account (@DuncanTeeth). Maybe now that he’s won two Stanley Cups he will get them fixed?


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