Top 5 Celeb Smiles

Top 5 Celeb Smiles


Here at Dental Partners of 5th Avenue, WE LOVE SMILES. Here is our list of top 5 hollywood smiles:


1. Julia Roberts: Known for her genuine smile and infectious laugh, America’s Sweetheart brightens up an entire room – even without the lights, camera and action. In fact, this radiant smile is so valuable, it is actually insured…for 30 million dollars!!



2. Halle Berry: This sultry celeb has us totally starstruck. At the end of the day, it is the grin that gives her the ultimate celeb persona. Despite the incredibly diverse rolls that Berry has played on the big screen, her smile seems to stay consistently “Halle Berry-esque.”



3. Matthew McConaughey: Need I say more? According to Dr. Marc Lowenberg, DDS, of Lowenberg & Lituchy in New York City points out that “McConaughey has perfectly imperfect teeth with a broad smile that exhibits irregularities in tooth position and size, but somehow, all together, it works on his face.” Plus he’s gorgeous.



4. Ellen DeGeneres: With an absolutely hilarious talk show, and a stunning Aussie wife, no wonder Ellen Degeneres is smiling all of the time! Heck, that precious smile is worth the cover spot in Cover Girl!



5. Hugh Jackman: This big mouth was specifically constructed in a way that allowed his masculine and rugged look to shine through, without over bleaching. Now that is something to sing about!



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