Can You Guess This Celebrity Smile?

Can You Guess This Celebrity Smile?

Cheeeeese! These 10 celebrities know how to smile for the camera. And that is because they understand the importance of good oral health. Can you guess the names that these iconic smiles belong to?


1. A political figure that is known for his great hair and his great smile.

mitt romney


2. Now in her forties, she can still rock any photo shoot.

cindy crawford



3. A leading actor in Hollywood, his smile is not easily mistaken.



4. Nicknamed the “Flying Squirrel” for her olympic performance.

gabby douglas


5. Singer, dancer, actress, mother, motivator, and all around diva.



6. This actor, and father of six, “fought” his way to the top of Hollywood, and isn’t coming back down.

brad pitt


7. This smile is the face of America.

barack obama


8. From Disney channel star, to cat woman, to dramatic actress; this smile is hard to forget.

anne hathaway


 9. It’s impossible to decide which is more stunning: this gorgeous mom of six’s pout or her smile.

angelina jolie


10. This one of a kind smile won an Academy Award at age 9!

anna pauin


Answers: 1. Mitt Romey; 2. Cindy Crawford; 3. George Clooney; 4. Gabby Douglas; 5. Beyonce; 6. Brad Pitt; 7. Barack Obama; 8. Anne Hathaway; 9. Angelina Jolie; 10. Anna Paquin

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