Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, also commonly called “caps” are one of the most common procedures performed by dentists. With the ability to fix a variety of tooth and mouth problems, crown restorations are also crucial to oral health. Although often perceived as intimidating, the procedure for making a crown is straightforward, logical, and most importantly- not scary!

About Dental Crowns in NYC

Dental crowns are long term, cemented prosthetic restorations used to repair a damaged tooth to restore its natural size and shape. They can restore teeth that have cracked, decayed significantly, or experienced other damage. While they can sometimes extend to the root surface, crowns are mainly utilized to “cap” or replace the outer portion of a natural tooth. Crowns fit over the damaged tooth to protect what’s underneath. Because of this, crowns are custom made for each individual tooth. They are made from very durable materials designed to withstand chewing.

Most crowns today can be made solely of porcelain, a durable, metal-free material that gives them a natural appearance. Other crowns incorporate porcelain on gold or semi-precious metal base. We will determine which material is right for your mouth and our ceramist will color the crown to match your teeth.

When Dental Crowns are Needed

Dental crowns offer many different functions to support oral health. Dentists will install them to protect weak teeth, prevent cracked teeth from more damage, support teeth with large fillings, and restore broken teeth. In every case, the crown repairs tooth structure that is no longer able to support itself. When teeth are broken, cracked, or damaged severely, dental crowns are often the best solution. Once cemented in place, it will look like a natural tooth and not stand out from the others.

Crowns are also helpful in fixing and maintaining the structural integrity of your entire mouth. When a tooth breaks or decays, it creates a gap that can cause additional problems with your bite or when other teeth migrate into it. By filling the gap, crowns are able to revitalize the proper structure and appearance of your mouth.

About the Procedure

When you need a crown, your dentist will first apply anesthetic to numb the affected tooth and surrounding gum tissue. Next, they will use a dental drill and abrasive bur to eliminate the outer surface of the tooth and create enough space for the dental crown to be attached. Your dentist will then make a 3D scan or an impression of your tooth, which will then be sent to a dental laboratory to make the final crown. It generally takes two weeks for the crown to be made, so your dentist will place a temporary crown until your second appointment when you receive your final crown. During this appointment, the temporary crown will be removed and the permanent crown will be placed and adjusted to fit properly on your tooth. The crown is then cemented to be firmly attached to your tooth.

While crowns are not the solution for every tooth problem, they may be the answer to yours. No matter your dental health issue, our experts at DP5th are ready to help.

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