Treat Headaches, Tooth Aches, and Facial pain

Do you have difficulty biting or chewing? Suffer frequent headaches, or experience face, neck, shoulder or tooth pain? TMJ Treatment in NYC at Dental Partners of Fifth Avenue may be solution you need.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders—often referred to as “TMJ”—encompass a wide range of problems with the jaw joint and its muscles. These disorders often go undiagnosed, causing symptoms that can include headaches, neck aches, tooth pain that cannot be traced to decay, ear stuffiness, clicking or locking of the jaw, painful chewing, inability to fully open one’s mouth, and chronic facial pain. Nonetheless, there is help for TMJ pain.

Specialist in TMJ Treatment in NYC

Orofacial Pain treatment has been recently recognized as a specialty by American Dental Association and Dr. Kaplan, one of the first to have taken the specialty board is widely known for his expertise in treating the condition. He served as Director of The Mount Sinai Hospital’s TMJ and Facial Pain Clinic for over 14 years and has authored several books on the subject. If you believe you might be suffering from TMJ, he can help you pinpoint a diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment.  At DP5th, we work with you on how best to approach you TMJ, and we are conservative in our process to lessen the likelihood surgery or irreversible changes to the teeth are not needed. We generally start with non-invasive treatments like intraoral appliances on a temporary basis, thus relieving pressure on the TMJs, decreasing muscle tension and reducing tooth grinding. Other treatments include physical therapy to promote relaxation, exercises for healthy jaw movement, and medication for inflammation.

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