The DP5th Difference

Dental Partners of Fifth Avenue (DP5th) was founded by Dr. Mark Gross and Dr. Andrew Kaplan. With an expert team of dental specialists in NYC, including a periodontist (implants and gum disease), an endodontist (root canal) and a team of dental  hygienists, they offer comprehensive dental care in one convenient location. Whether you need a simple cleaning or complex dental implant surgery, we’ll customize a treatment that fits your needs.


Our expert diagnoses and treatment are enhanced by state-of-the-art dental technologies that enable us to:

  • Digital Radiography: Reducing radiation exposure up to 90%, digital radiography enables us to take nearly instantaneous images that can be enlarged and enhanced to optimize diagnosis. We can also project these images onto television screens located in each treatment room so that patients can see for themselves and better understand our treatment recommendations.
  • Cone Beam CT Scan: 3 dimensional imaging of the teeth and jaws provide enhanced views of difficult to diagnose dental pathology, improve implant planning and help to diagnose TMJ and other pathology in the head and neck region.
  • Laser Dentistry: Thanks to our state-of-the-art Dental Laser, we can gently reshape gum tissues and enhance the aesthetics of your smile and remove small lesions in the cheeks and gums all with quick healing.
  • IntraOral Scanning: Our 3D intraoral scanners can in many situations, replace the need to take uncomfortable impressions, making the experience of having a crown, onlay or veneer more comfortable and streamlined.
  • Preview changes to your smile: We offer two ways for you to preview potential changes to your smile: three-dimensional wax or computer milled “mock ups”, and temporary bonding materials placed in the mouth that can give you a sense of how the final outcome will appear. We also frequently refer to digital photographs to discuss potential changes with patients and to help the ceramist design the final restorations.
  • Enhanced root canal therapy: Working with the cone beam CT scan, our endodontist can make accurate diagnoses and perform more precise root canal therapies.


Dental Partners of Fifth Avenue
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