Discolored Or Gap Teeth? Cosmetic Bonding Could Help

Discolored Or Gap Teeth? Cosmetic Bonding Could Help

Discolored Gap TeethDo you have an important upcoming job interview? Or maybe you’re just tired of those little imperfections like a tooth that is discolored or perhaps a gap that affects your smile; cosmetic bonding could be the best, cost effective way to get that smile you want quick.

cosmetic-bonding-discoloration2Bonding offers a fast, inexpensive way to lengthen teeth, mask discolorations and close unsightly gaps. First, a safe, putty-like bonding material is applied in layers with different color combinations. These layers are then hardened with light and shaped using polishing discs.


teeth_bondingThe process can often be done in a single office visit. They are a great option for people with limited budgets, or who want only minimal changes to a few teeth. However, cosmetic bonding materials do not offer the strength, translucency, or longevity that porcelain veneers provide. So talk with Dr. Gross and Dr. Kaplan to see which is the best option for you and get that smile you’ve been wanting!

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