Oil Pulling and Oral Health

Oil Pulling For Oral Health

Oil Pulling and Oral Health

Oil Pulling For Oral HealthIn the 35 years that he practiced dentistry, Dr. Richard Sterling thought he had heard and seen everything – until Sherry Geiger, RDH, approached him with some very interesting observations. She noticed an unusual improvement in the health of her patients’ gum tissue, and, as a result, a decrease in overall gum disease. They both studied these changes and came to a conclusion explaining this sudden shift: Oil Pulling.

Oil Pulling is the act of swishing oils around in the mouth for approximately 10-15 minutes and then spitting it out. This can be anything from sesame oil. to extra virgin olive oil. to sunflower oil, to coconut oil. Here’s how it works: The oils mix with the saliva as it turns into a white liquid consistency. Lipids in the oils begin to pull out toxins from the saliva. Once all of the toxins are absorbed, about 15 minutes or so, it is spit out, before they can be reabsorbed.

How does this improve oral health? One study shows that sesame oil specifically helps to reduce the amount of germ build-up in both teeth plaque and mouth saliva. Scientists believe that the lipids in the oil both pull out bacteria, as well as stop bacterial from sticking to the walls of the oral cavity. Other possible benefits to oil pulling include the prevention of gingivitis, bad breath and the dryness of lips mouth and throat.

Today, many holistic practitioners believe that oil pulling is beneficial for the body, beyond oral health. It is said that it has the ability to aid the lymphatic system of the body, as it rids harmful bacteria and gives way to a healthy environment in which microflora can flourish.

Be sure to ask you doctor if Oil Pulling is right for you!

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