When Is Pulling Your Wisdom Teeth The Wise Choice?

When To Remove Wisdom Teeth

When Is Pulling Your Wisdom Teeth The Wise Choice?

Call it “coming of age,” call it a “right of passage” – There comes a time in a young adult’s life, when one must make a decision regarding the wisdom of their teeth.

When To Remove Wisdom TeethWisdom teeth are the third molars in the back of our mouths. Most often, wisdom teeth come in when a person reaches their late teens or once someone has matured and “gained wisdom” – so they say. Not everyone’s jaw can accommodate 34 teeth, causing the wisdom teeth to grow in at odd angles or to not descend below the gum line at all.

While professionals have growingly differing opinions about wisdom teeth extraction, if you think you need your wisdom teeth pulled, your best bet is to consult with your own dentist whom you trust and consult with on a regular basis. It is best to be educated on all of the facts before coming to a decision.

Consult with your dentist if:

You experience chronic pain in your gums near your wisdom teeth.

  • Pain around the wisdom teeth could be a sign of infection that can occur from partially erupted wisdom teeth. If food and bacteria are to become trapped in these areas, it can lead to a very painful infection known as pericoronitis.

Your wisdom teeth don’t come in straight.

  • If your wisdom teeth come in fully, but sideways, they can cause your teeth to shift and move over time. There is also a chance that poorly aligned wisdom teeth can damage the nearby teeth. This could be a real shame for those of you who spent thousands on braces for that perfect smile.

A cyst forms around the wisdom tooth.

  • This occurs when the sac next to the tooth becomes filled with fluid. If this occurs, it could be incredibly painful and could destroy the surrounding structures such as bone or tooth roots.

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