Creative Ways to Celebrate a Lost Tooth

Tooth Fairy Crafts

Creative Ways to Celebrate a Lost Tooth

Tooth Fairy CraftsA child’s first lost tooth is an exciting yet scary time, and is considered to be a rite of passage that we all go through. When a child begins to lose their baby teeth, this is a sure sign that they are growing up! In America, when children lose their teeth, the Tooth Fairy makes a magical appearance in most homes and exchanges the child’s tooth for a small gift. While many children get excited about their wiggly tooth, some children may experience a lot of fear surrounding their first loose tooth.

However, with some dental-themed crafty work you can get your children excited, not scared, of their lost tooth. Check out some of the ways you can celebrate this exciting milestone, this way you can create a bit of magic and memories for both you and your child to remember and cherish:

1. Encourage correspondence with the Tooth Fairy
Have your child write a welcoming note to the Tooth Fairy, and be sure to leave room for the Tooth Fairy to write back. You can also use this to teach your child a lesson; for instance, if they have a messy room, you can state that there will be a delay since the Tooth Fairy could not get to their pillow without tripping!

2. Bake Tooth Cookies
Create memories with your child and whip up a batch of tooth cookies that you, your child(ren), and the Tooth Fairy can all enjoy. As a nice finishing touch you can leave some cookie crumbs behind, and a thank you note. As a nice touch you can even make the cookies sugar-free!

3. Incorporate Glitter
Put glitter on any money given by spraying it with glitter hair spray. In addition, you can also leave some glitter (or pixie dust) wherever they lost their tooth-even if it’s in the sink! Lastly, use glitter as a finishing touch if you decide to leave behind a note, under and around their pillow. You can even add glitter on the window sills, and add some small foot prints to serve as evidence.

4. Have a Special Tooth Fairy Pillow
You can find DIY instructions for this craft online, and this pillow can be used every time your child loses a tooth. Be sure to offer an opening on the pillow so it can safely hold the tooth, and incorporate a handle so it can easily be attached to any bed post for easy access.

5. Transform the Favorite Stuffed Animal
An alternative to the pillow is to incorporate an opening in your child’s favorite stuffed animal. This will allow your children to have company, while their favorite keepsake serves as the holder and protector of your child’s tooth while they wait for the Tooth Fairy.

6. Create a Tooth Box
You can find creative tooth box ideas and instructions online that you and your child can make together that will safely hold your child’s tooth until the tooth fairy comes. This will not only help the Tooth Fairy easily find it, but will make it a lot easier when it comes time for you to do the exchange.

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