The Gift of White Teeth for the Holidays

Tips to Whiten Teeth

The Gift of White Teeth for the Holidays

Tips to Whiten TeethDecember is the time for social gatherings, holiday parties, and candid camera shots! When memories are created it’s only natural for someone to capture the moment. However, nothing is worse than taking a photo and having to hide your smile. If you smoke and have stained teeth as a result; or maybe you happened to ingest something that stained your teeth; you might feel self-conscious about smiling in front of the camera.

If you suffer from tooth discoloration, don’t fret, there are many solutions out there. If you want to feel confident in front of the camera this holiday season, check out our tips and tricks on how to whiten your teeth!

Practice prevention

Practice a bit of prevention (which does go a long way) to help prevent your teeth from staining. This means you will want to veer away from any food that could potentially stain your teeth. You will also want to stay away from red wine, soda, tea, coffee, as well as fruit juice, since they are all capable of staining those pearly whites. If you find that you can’t give up your favorite beverage, you can help prevent stains from settling onto the surface of your tooth by drinking through a straw, or by rinsing your mouth out with water or mouthwash after you are finished.

Be healthy

This goes along with our last tip, but you can also practice prevention by being and eating healthy. Certain fruits and vegetables can actually help with teeth whitening by keeping your mouth healthy and clean, since many of these foods can trigger extra saliva production. The excess saliva can help keep your teeth clean and healthy by washing away the food particles from your teeth. Plus, if you enjoy eating and being healthy, it makes it much easier to prevent cravings for those treats that can stain your teeth!

Do it at home

Nowadays, in most stores you can find and purchase tooth whitening products and at-home whitening kits. Many toothpaste manufacturers have an over-the-counter whitening toothpaste available that can slowly lift stains from your teeth, and can even prevent them from happening. Make sure you are still brushing twice a day, even if you use whitening toothpaste, to keep your teeth clean and healthy. If you aren’t a fan of the toothpaste, there are also a variety of whitening kits available, such as whitening trays and strips. If you are unsure of which one would be the best for your teeth, consult with your dentist.

Visit your dentist to get your teeth professionally whitened

If you want the best results, we recommend that you visit your dentist and get your teeth professionally whitened. This is the quickest way to get the results you want to see, as a professional whitening job can brighten your teeth several shades after only one dentist appointment. While these other methods may work, you will fare much better with a professional grade solution. If you live in the NYC metro area, and would like your teeth to look healthy and amazing for the holidays, call us and schedule your teeth whitening appointment today!

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