Dental Easter Basket Ideas

Dental Easter Basket Ideas

Dental Friendly Easter Basket

There’s no doubt that children love Easter, it’s exciting for them to wake up to a colorful Easter basket filled with goodies. However, for parents Easter can be a bit stressful; candy is usually a part of the Easter basket, but the sugar rush that often follows! Plus, let’s not forget what candy can do to your child’s teeth, mouth and health. However, Easter baskets don’t have to be filled with just candy, with a little imagination you can come up with a fun basket that is suited to your child’s interests.

All in all, as long as you gear the basket to your child’s interests you are sure to make them smile. Read on to get some inspiration on how to make your very own dental friendly Easter basket that your child is sure to love.

1. Dental orientated toys
2. Dental orientated books
3. Dental hygiene products that feature their favorite fictional character
4. Stuffed animals
5. Play Dough
6. Paint
7. Colored pencils
8. Eggs filled with money, confetti, or other small items
9. Stickers
10. Coloring books
11. Reading books
12. Hygienic products
13. Hair ties
14. Craft kits
15. Legos
16. Rocks or crystals
17. Jewelry
18. Puzzles
19. Clothes
20. Sports equipment
21. Makeup
22. Sunglasses
23. Sketch pad
24. Gift cards
25. Crayons
26. Markers
27. Bubbles
28. Colored chalk
29. Headphones
30. Small toys
31. Novelty knick knacks
32. Or you could have a strictly themed basket filled with only related items – this can be sports, art, bath and body products, or beach orientated. The sky’s the limit!
33. If you want to include food, lean more towards healthy snacks. Hard boiled eggs are great decoration and are good for you too. Granola bars, nuts, trail mix, yogurt, popcorn balls, cheese sticks and fruit are all healthy options
34. If you decide to put in a little bit of candy, look for candy that is not so processed and/or sugar-free. With the rise of organic food products, there are “healthier” choices now available for sweets

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