Back To School Dental Tips For A Smooth School Year

Back To School Dental Tips For A Smooth School Year

It’s hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago, we were basking in the glory of summer. Now that September is here in full swing, it’s time to get back to school and back to the dentist, with these top back to school dental tips to live by.

back to school dental tips


Plan Ahead of Time

It can be tough to score an appointment with the best NYC family dentist, especially last minute. Plan ahead to be sure your child sees his or her dentist at the beginning of the school year, before your schedule gets bogged down with meetings, homework, and extracurriculars. Book an appointment with DP5th easily by clicking here.

Maintain Age-Appropriate Dental Habits

While brushing twice a day for two minutes is a mainstay of dental care, other habits can vary based on your child’s age.

For children 6 and under, they may want to brush their own teeth. However, children this young have not yet developed fine motor skills. Let your child start to brush, but jump in when necessary to do the job properly, paying particular attention to back molars.

Children ages 7-12 understand how to properly brush and floss, but they may not want to. Encourage your children to maintain healthy habits by stressing the importance of brushing and flossing every single day.

Ages 12-18 are a critical time for dental care, as this is when dentists often see a spike in dental caries. Be sure to continue to schedule annual exams and encourage brushing and flossing daily.

Timing Is Everything

While it may be convenient to schedule your child’s dental exam after school, this may not always be ideal. If your child is exhausted from a long day of school work, tests, or practice, he or she may not have the energy to make it through a dental appointment, especially is there is extensive work being done. Try to schedule appointments first thing in the morning, when children are less likely to be stressed out, cranky, or tired.

Don’t Show Up On An Empty Stomach

Even if you are rushing to make your dental appointment, be sure your child has eaten a proper meal prior to arriving. Hungry children are never happy patients.

Keep these top back to school dental tips in mind this school year for a happy and healthy fall season, and don’t forget to book your appointment at the best NYC family dentist, DP5th!


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