How To Treat Sensitive Teeth When It’s Cold Outside

How To Treat Sensitive Teeth When It’s Cold Outside

Have you noticed that, as the temperatures drop, your teeth may become more susceptible to sensitivity? Particularly in the colder months, many of us wonder how to treat sensitive teeth. While there is plenty to love about the quiet, magical winter months, shooting pains and discomfort for those with sensitive teeth certainly don’t top the list. While we can’t send winter weather packing for good, we can offer some expert tips to keep your sensitive teeth protected from harsh temperatures this season.

treat tooth sensitivity in cold weather

See Your Dentist First

If you have yet to see your dentist this year, we always recommend making an appointment first with your NYC family dentist, to rule out any other causes of tooth sensitivity. While many people experience sensitivity due to cold, other underlying causes can include gum recession, thinning tooth enamel, or brushing too hard. A dental profession will be able to advice on a proper course of action to treat any underlying causes of tooth sensitivity.

Consider Changing Your Toothpaste

If you’ve followed all of your dentist’s advice on how to treat sensitive teeth and you’re still having problems, try changing up your toothpaste. A potassium-based toothpaste can act as an excellent desensitizer if you begin using it up to a month before temperatures drop. Another option to consider is a calcium-based toothpaste, which can help plug up open pores in the enamel, essentially mimicking the body’s own way of desensitizing nerve endings in the teeth.

Drink More Water

While proper hydration is important for all aspects of a healthy body, it is particularly important to maintain hydration levels when it’s cold outside. When the teeth and gums are not moist enough, they can be especially susceptible to cold weather. You should also aim to avoid sugary beverages, as sugar aids bacterial growth that can lead to other oral issues.

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