Do You Ever Have a Dream of Your Teeth Falling Out? Here’s What it all Means…

Dream Of Your Teeth Falling Out

Do You Ever Have a Dream of Your Teeth Falling Out? Here’s What it all Means…

Dream Of Your Teeth Falling Out

Ever had a dream of your teeth falling out? Let’s assume the answer is yes because dreams like this are very common. If you are facing a very stressful situation, you’ll find that you’re having this kind of dream more often; it will even become a reoccurring dream for you. If you happen to live in the Balkans and if you ask around about your weird dreams of teeth falling out, they’ll tell you that it’s a bad omen, signifying that someone near and dear to you is going to die very soon. But don’t freak out just yet. Having a dream about teeth falling out is very scary, but not uncommon. With that come many interpretations across different cultures and even different fields of study. So, here’s what your dream might mean:


1. Insecurity, Fear of Loss, Costly Compromise

You might be going through major changes in your life and some stressful events have triggered this dream for you by making you feel insecure and vulnerable. Maybe you’ve started a new job or ended a relationship or started a new one and you’re afraid that you might lose it all. Maybe you feel like there’s a high cost of making a compromise that you’ve made. Maybe you’re not satisfied with your job or career path or even your relationship.

2. Fear of Aging, Declining Youth and Beauty

You might have this dream if you have self-image issues. Maybe you undervalue yourself? Maybe it’s a thing of vanity – where you’re afraid of aging and losing your youthful appearance? You might especially have a dream as you enter later phases of your life. Then this dream might uncover your underlying fear of death and loss of control over aging.

3. Anxiety About Sexuality

If you ask Sigmund Freud – he would explain this dream through sexuality of course. Typically Freudian, but hear the man out… According to Freud – maybe you have an underlying and uncovered anxiety regarding your sexuality or maybe you’re even anxious about sexual interaction with a partner? Maybe it goes even deeper than that, where you’re feeling powerless and even concerned about your safety.


1. Personal Growth, Need to be Nurtured

You know how when you were a kid, you used to associate losing teeth with growing up? Maybe your dream means that you’re going through a period of personal growth or there’s a change coming. Maybe you’re entering a new phase in life, therefore you’re losing the familiar environment of a relationship, job or place where you live. Maybe this dream is an indication that you need to take care of yourself during this transitional period. If you ask psychoanalysts, maybe you’re secretly craving to be nurtured, since losing your teeth might mean your desire to regress into early childhood when you were walking around toothless and had to be nurtured by your mother.

2. Strength, Self-Esteem

Depending on how aggressive the dream is, it can be interpreted as positive or negative. If non-aggressive then it might mean that you’re gaining more control over your life and you feel more confident about certain areas of your life. If it is an aggressive dream then it might mean that – aggressiveness or strength, maybe even the lack of both.

3. Rebirth

If you ask Carl G. Jung, the dream of your teeth falling out might be a sign of rebirth. This is especially relevant if you’re a woman. Maybe you’re giving birth to something “new,” like an idea or a project. Maybe you’re starting a new relationship, job or changing the place of residence.


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