Summer Dental Care Tips

summer dental care tips

Summer Dental Care Tips

Hello Summer! With plenty of cold treats and activity this season, be sure to take the necessary extra care for your pearly whites. Here are our top summer dental care tips.

summer dental care tips

Don’t chew on ice cubes.

Although ice may be crucial in a refreshing beverage on hot summer’s day, it can cause damage to your teeth if you chew on it. Such a hard substance can result in wearing away enamel or a dental emergency like breaking a tooth. Keep your ice cubes in your drinks and feel free to snack on something else.

Sports drinks are no better than soda.

While you are running around and sweating under the hot sun, think twice before you grab a sports drink. With “sport” right in the name, it’s easy to confuse it with being healthy. However, sports drinks usually contain just as much sugar as an average soft drink. Water is always your best thirst-quenching option, but if you must have a sports drink, choose one that is lower in sugar.

Lemonade does not equal water.

Lemonade is a go-to beverage in the summer, but consistent exposure to the acid and sugar takes a toll on your oral health. The acid from the lemon wears at enamel and sugar leads to tooth decay. Water is the standout winner for summer dental care tips.

Avoid dental emergencies.

Summer months are filled with swimming, bicycle riding, and other sports. Although plenty of fun, they can result in a dental emergency if the right precautions are not taken. For example, make sure you follow “pool rules” to avoid slipping and breaking your teeth on the concrete pool ledge. Also, if you plan to rollerblade, wear a mouthguard.

Take care of dental problems before you leave for vacation.

While you may be tempted to put off treating your dental issue, the last thing you want is for the problem to get worse while you are away trying to relax and enjoy your time. In addition, it is particularly important to take care of dental issues before leaving the country because the country you are traveling to may not have the quality dental care you would need in an emergency.

Use the new season as an excuse to buy a new toothbrush

It is important to replace your toothbrush regularly, so take this time to break out a new one. Buying a travel toothbrush is also a convenient purchase if you plan to be going away often this summer.

Make an appointment for a dental cleaning.

Summer is often a time for people to be off from school or work, so utilize the time off by fitting a dental cleaning appointment in your schedule. Scheduling the appointment in the beginning of summer will ensure a clean bill of health for the rest of the season.

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