“No Teeth Dream” and What it Means

No Teeth Dream

“No Teeth Dream” and What it Means

No Teeth Dream

Have you ever had a “no teeth dream?” It goes something like this: you show up in your dream, everything is going well; everything seems pretty normal, right? You are in a random house, you’re walking down the hallway and you see yourself in the mirror. Instinctively, you smile at your own reflection only to realize that you have no teeth! Yes, my friend, you are staring at your toothless reflection in the mirror. Now a dream that started off as a pretty regular one, sounds more like a scene from American Horror Story…So what does all of this mean?

Lacking Something

Are you experiencing a lack in some aspect of your life? Is there a void that needs to be filled? Do you crave something so crucial to you and not getting it in the waking life? Are your needs not being met? Think about it, meditate on it… What’s that single thing that you lack? There is your answer.

Feeling Powerless

If you’re missing all of your teeth in your dream, you might be feeling powerless. What aspect of your life do you feel like you have no control of? Who or what situation in your life is throwing you off-balance? Tap into that feeling. Delve into unconscious even. Maybe this is not even the part of your waking life? Maybe it’s an aspect of you, you’re not even aware of.

Return to Innocence

Like a baby, do you feel the need to be taken care of? Are you wishing you could return to that innocence? Maybe you’re afraid of aging? Or you’re experiencing feelings and thoughts of complete neediness? Pause and think about it… Did the life become so hard and unpredictable that you’re craving protection and safety from the outside world? Maybe you feel like you need to be nurtured or even nurture yourself?

These are just a few of the meanings and the interpretations might vary based on your own experiences. You have all the answers. All you need to do is to carefully look within.


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