How to Care for Dentures

How to Care for Dentures

How to Care for Dentures

How to Care for Dentures

Do you have dentures and no idea how to take care of them? Look no further, here’s how to care for dentures.

But first of all, let’s get the basics down. For those of you who don’t know what dentures are, here’s a little info for you. Dentures are a replacement for missing teeth that can be put in and taken out of the mouth. Dentures do take some getting used to because let’s be honest, the dentures will never feel like your natural teeth. However, nowadays the dentures are so well made that no one can really tell if those teeth are actually au naturel. With that said, your dentist can offer you partial or full dentures based on your personal needs. Once you got your customized dentures, you need to know how to care for them. The following tips will help you do so.

1. No Dry Dentures.

Never let your dentures dry out. Keep your dentures in denture soaking solution or water when you’re not wearing them. However, make sure that you don’t put them in the hot water, because you might end up with warped dentures.

2. Brush, Brush, Brush…

Make sure you brush your dentures. Just like your teeth, your dentures need a proper care. Brush your dentures so you avoid plaque and staining.

3. Oral Hygiene is the king.

Make sure you brush your gums, tongue and surrounding area before putting in dentures. Make sure you use a soft bristle brush. This will help with circulation and plaque.

4. Make an Appointment with Your Dentist!

And of course, if anything happens to your dentures and they chip or crack, make sure to call your dentist to make an appointment. It’s nice to go all DIY in other areas of your life, but not on your dentures. By doing so, you can damage them permanently.


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