Baby Teething Remedies: Comfort Your Child

Baby Teething Remedies

Baby Teething Remedies: Comfort Your Child

The teething process can be a nightmare for both the parents and their babies. It can be especially hard to know what your baby needs when you don’t know the cause of their pain or frustration. Here are a few baby teething remedies to help you comfort your child during this transition period.

Typical Signs of Teething

Although the timing may be different for your child, babies typically begin teething around six months old. Once the first tooth emerges, teething lasts about a year and a half in total. Your baby may experience an array of symptoms during this time. Typical teething signs include:

  • Fussiness, especially at night
  • Decreased appetite/does not want to eat
  • Excessive drooling
  • Irregular sleeping
  • Fever
  • Body rashes

Baby Teething Remedies

Gum Massage: Just like waxing, applying pressure to the affected area is great for pain relief. Take a clean finger and gently massage your baby’s gums to decrease discomfort. 

Teething Bibs: Not only do teething bibs catch the excess drool that comes along with teething, but it also comes with a toy attached so your child has something to nibble on. Bibs are great because they make teething slightly less messy, which is obviously always preferred. 

Teething Toys: Teething toys are pretty common and effective. Just make sure the toy contains non-toxic ingredients. 

Chill: Icing and numbing your child’s gums is another great way to reduce gum pain and discomfort. Try sticking a teething toy in the freezer or freeze a spoon before handing it to your child. The cold metal will do wonders for your baby’s aching mouth. 

Avoid Irritation: If you find that your baby is drooling more than normal, remember to keep their skin moisturized. The excessive drool can harden and dry on their face, leaving their skin flaky and irritated. 

If you’re struggling to find relief for your baby, please see a doctor about medication options. Teething is for sure a long journey, but your baby should never be in unbearable pain.

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