Front Tooth Replacement Options: What To Do

front tooth replacement options

Front Tooth Replacement Options: What To Do

Losing a tooth as a child? Exciting! Losing a tooth as an adult? Not that exciting…and possibly slightly embarrassing. But have no fear — there are plenty of front tooth replacement options available to fix your smile and confidence. 

What To Do If Your Front Tooth Falls Out

When a permanent tooth falls out, you may feel inclined to preserve it as best as you can. In actuality, you shouldn’t. Please avoid the following if your tooth has fallen out:

  • Do not store the tooth in water.
  • Do not brush/attempt to clean the tooth.
  • Refrain from touching the root of the tooth. Handle the tooth by its crown, which is the part of the tooth that you chew with.
  • Do not brush the tooth with alcohol or peroxide.

In the future, if you want to reduce your chances of losing a tooth, try out these precautionary methods:

  • If you play contact sports, consider wearing a mouthguard
  • Avoid tough foods
  • Stay free of physical conflict

Front Tooth Replacement Options

Here are some front tooth replacement options for when your tooth is completely knocked out:

Implant: An implant may just be your best bet. Although an implant requires surgery, they typically last a lifetime. Before the procedure, your doctor will inspect your mouth to make sure you have enough bone to support your new tooth. After the implant is screwed into your gum, your jawbone will continue to grow around it. This will hold the implant in place and solidify its position in your gum. This usually takes several weeks. After that, a crown is placed over the implant to resemble your original tooth. 

Please note that it is recommended you be in good health for this kind of surgery. 

Fixed bridge: If you need to replace more than one tooth, a fixed bridge is a great option. Before you receive your fixed bridge, your dentist will prepare the surrounding teeth next to the missing tooth. This may require shaving down the adjacent teeth. Once your teeth are ready, the bridge, which looks like three teeth attached to one another, is placed over the missing tooth and the surrounding teeth. Bridges give you a natural look and feel, but they do not last forever. 

Note that the best option for you may depend on your teeth, jaw and current health complications.

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