National Dental Assistant Recognition Week!

Teeth Related Holidays

National Dental Assistant Recognition Week!

Teeth Related HolidaysThere’s only one holiday we look forward to after Valentines Day… Dental Assistant Recognition Week! From March 2nd to March 8th, show your affection to the Dental Assistants who’ve dedicated their time to their practice and helping to provide patients with the care that they need.

This year’s theme, “Dental Assisting: Embracing the Changes of the Profession,” acknowledges the ever-evolving role of dentistry in health care and the various responsibilities of dental assistants. From working chair-side, to sales, to the education of future dentists, to management, dentist assistants are the glue that can bind an entire office together.

Last year was a wonderful year for Dental Appreciation Week, with so many acts of kindness performed towards mentors, teachers and co-workers around the country. There’s inspiration to be found in looking back over some of the creative ideas from 2013:

  • At North Dakota State College of Science, students distributed 16 dozen plates of cookies to their affiliated dental offices to thank them for sharing their time and knowledge with practicing students.
  • Bukhart Dental Supply in Tacoma, Washington had a raffle for their dental assistant’s clients, in which four dental assistants won coach bags.
  • Students of Ozarks Technical Community College sent a hundred thank you cards along with lunch bags and gifts to local dentist assistants.
  • At San Diego Mesa College, dental students created “flower pens” and gifted bouquets with appreciation messages.

Join us at Dental Partners of Fifth Avenue in celebrating this monumental effort.


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