The Gift of True Love

Healthiest Valentine's Candy

The Gift of True Love

Healthiest Valentine's CandyRoses and chocolate: The quintessential Valentines Day duo. Something about those velvety red petals paired with the rich indulgent flavor of heart-shaped confections on your tongue; there is no rival. But wait! If it’s enticing your palette, it may not have your pearly whites’ best interest at heart.

Good news chocolate lovers. Dark chocolate is rich in tannins, polyphenols and flavonoids, all of which are antioxidants that inhibit mouth bacteria from clinging to your teeth, thus preventing cavities. But it doesn’t stop there. Polyphenols neutralize organisms that cause bad breath and gum disease, so you can indulge your valentine and kiss her too!

So how does a suitor choose a chocolate with Dental Cupid’s stamp of approval? The closer the chocolate is to the cocoa bean the better off you are. Higher percentages of cocoa will provide the healthiest option. Take the time to read the content label before presenting those bon-bons to your sweetheart.

With the holiday of love upon us, don’t be afraid to show your lovebird you really care; give your beloved dark chocolate. You can have your confections and eat em’ too!

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