Some Surprising Ways to Rid Your Mouth of Bad Breath

Rid Your Mouth of Bad Breath

Some Surprising Ways to Rid Your Mouth of Bad Breath

Rid Your Mouth of Bad BreathHalitosis stinks, literally, and sometimes standard methods for dental hygiene just don’t cut it. You use mouth wash, brush, floss, and even use the tongue scraper every day, but you still suffer from bad breath. If this sounds like a problem you are having, then be sure to read on to learn some of the other surprising ways to rid your mouth of bad breath:

  • Go visit your dentist! Bad breath that lingers could be an indicator of bacteria induced plaque buildup, which needs to be removed by a dentist. This plaque not only creates bad breath odors, but can also break down teeth and cause cavities. It is also important to note that bad breath can also be caused by pre-existing cavities and rotten teeth, so it’s important to visit your dentist anyway to rule out any of these possibilities.
  • It could be in your nose. Sounds weird and kind of gross, but if you happen to have any bacteria in your nose and sinus cavities, or are suffering from a sinus infection, this may cause smelly secretions to come down from your nasal passages. This can be an easy fix, as using a saline nasal wash may alleviate the problem; however, it is a good idea to see an ear, nose and throat specialist if the problem continues.
  • Check for tonsil stones? Sounds weird, but your tonsils are not round like gumballs, instead they are more like prunes; prunes have crevices, and it’s in these crevices that bacteria and debris can accumulate and form tonsil stones. They can be stinky, but they can usually be removed using pressurized water (look into the Waterpik); however, if you have large tonsils, which are constantly accumulating stones, they may need to be removed.
  • Watch what you eat. Foods like garlic and onions both cause bad breath, and not just a stinky mouth. Unfortunately in this case, brushing your teeth will not help much because these foods will make your actual breath (not just your mouth) stinky because of the chemical reactions that take place in your body.  In this case, not much can be done besides avoiding these foods all together, or do your best to mask the smell and wait it out.

If none of these suggestions are the cause of your bad breath, it’s highly recommended that you see your doctor. In some cases, stomach issues can cause bad breath, so you should visit your doctor to help rule out any other potential issues.

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