Are You Suffering From Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Are You Suffering From Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea SymptomsDo you often wake up in the morning and find that you have a sore throat or a very dry mouth? Do you find yourself waking up multiple times during the night with a choking sensation, shortness of breath or both? Do you find yourself waking up frequently throughout the night to urinate? Or do you have a snore loud enough to wake up the neighbors? These are all important symptoms to take note of, because these signs can be a big indicator that you might be suffering from sleep apnea.

Keep in mind, the act of snoring in itself is not always a health hazard, since enough oxygen is usually still being received to keep things functioning properly. There are many other reasons why people snore and not all are bad. In fact it’s normal, since snuffling, snoring, wheezing, and snorting during the night can happen for a variety of reasons. Most of the time it’s due to the muscles in the roof of the mouth (otherwise known as the soft palate), or the muscles in the back of the throat, that relax and block the flow of air. This will make your airways become a “floppy tube”, and it’s normal for a “floppy tube” to vibrate and make noise when air is blown through it. There are other factors as well that can cause this to happen as well, such as sleeping on your back, having alcohol before bed, or having nasal congestion due to being sick or suffering from allergies.

However, if you suffer from any of the above symptoms listed, or have been told you snore VERY loud; you might have a more serious problem on your hand. If you don’t have a live-in partner, or a roommate, to help by telling you what you do when you are sleeping, there are daytime symptoms you can look out for. If you find that you fall asleep a lot during the day, or just feel excessively tired, these are two warning signs that are the most obvious indicators that you might be suffering from sleep apnea. Some other symptoms to take note of are moodiness, depression, morning headaches, insomnia, concentration problems, as well as memory or learning problems.

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that should not be handled lightly, so if you don’t have someone who hears you sleep, being mindful of your daytime symptoms is a must. Some people don’t remember waking up during the night once the morning comes, and not being able to get the restorative sleep that your body and brain requires will prevent you from getting the rest you need to repair your body. In the long term this can cause serious health issues, and can even cause a potentially fatal situation to occur (i.e. falling asleep behind the wheel). If you find that you have any of these symptoms, getting tested for sleep apnea should be on top of your list.

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