The Strangest Things Found in the Simplest of Places

Items Found in Patients’ Mouths

The Strangest Things Found in the Simplest of Places

Strangest Items Found in TeethDentistry may seem boring, but in reality dentists have their own fair share of crazy stories to tell. In fact, dentistry can resemble archaeology in a way; when a patient comes in, and they didn’t brush their teeth beforehand (or haven’t been), you never know what you will find! Sometimes it makes you think and wonder how long it’s really been since they last brushed, because the recently compiled list of items found in patients’ mouths is pretty strange indeed! Recently, dentistry workers took a survey that exposed the most bizarre things they have seen on the job. This research was conducted by Clinic Compare, and they questioned 3,000 dental nurses and dentists in the United Kingdom.

While most people do take care of their teeth, the responses that were recorded showed that there are plenty of people who don’t take care of their mouth and teeth. Are you curious and want to know what was discovered? Check out a small sample of the strangest items found in teeth.

  1. A molar that was enveloped like a glove by a whole blueberry skin
  2. A Hot Wheels tire
  3. An intact slice of (smelly) gherkin
  4. More than one sweet wrapper
  5. Human fingernails
  6. A short and curly black hair. This would be normal, but the patient did not have a beard or a mustache
  7. A homemade tooth that was made out of wood
  8. A fishing fly or “lure” – ouch, what an annoyance!
  9. Part of a ballpoint pen
  10. A Tweety Bird crown
  11. Black and white mold growing in a denture that has not been cleaned or removed in years
  12. A buckshot was found in a WWII veteran’s mouth
  13. A wedged peanut shell; it was so stealthy that the patient didn’t even notice!
  14. Super glue; from patients trying to glue their tooth or crown back into place
  15. A tomato seed was found under a denture, and it was growing!
  16. Insects (both alive and dead!)
  17. An LED tooth – yes, the patient had it installed
  18. An unidentifiable tooth; it was buried under an excessive amount of tartar!
  19. Wads of wet tissue paper; it was blocking a hole in their palate
  20. A chicken bone

So remember, the next time you are too embarrassed to go to the dentist, don’t worry – we really have seen it all!

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