Best Ways to Use Email Marketing as a Dental Professional

email marketing as a dental professional

Best Ways to Use Email Marketing as a Dental Professional

email marketing as a dental professional

Email marketing is incredibly important to the promoting your dental practice, as well as building loyalty and trust with your patients. In fact, you will risk losing customers if your business does not have a strong online presence. Sending patients a friendly email maintains your business’s relevance to both current and prospective customers. That being said, it is crucial to employ strategy in your message that targets and spreads brand awareness effectively. Here are the best ways to use email marketing as a dental professional.

Find your fit with an email marketing provider.

There are plenty of websites designed to help you manage your email marketing strategy. While the many options can be intimidating, most of the sites give free trials to test things out first. This way, you can truly find the best fit for your dentist office. Many of these sites are user-friendly, from a beginner skillset to expert.

Create designated contact lists.

A helpful feature of email marketing providers is the ability to create segmented contact lists to send out targeted emails. It is crucial to make sure the emails you send are relevant to your recipients. Segments can be based on occupation, location, event attendees, or another appropriate field.

Avoid spamming.

It is okay to advertise your dental practice. However, make sure that your email contacts are opted-in to receiving email blasts. Your recipients should have given prior explicit consent to receive messages. Otherwise, your emails will be considered spam and counteract your marketing strategy. Also, be careful with wording and excessive exclamation points. Words like “congratulations”, “free”, and “cash” can result in your emails being marked as spam.

Don’t be pushy.

People do not want to feel forced into things. Present your advertisements as beneficial options, rather than an inundation of information. Email subscribers will quickly delete messages they perceive as pressuring them to make purchases. Also, allow subscribers to know they have the option to opt-out with a clearly labels unsubscribe link on the top or bottom of each message.

Make your point clear.

Most people will not read through tons of information. Keep things concise and create an attention-grabbing subject line relevant to the email.

Develop a design.

In the dental industry, email blasts should look clean, fresh, and pleasant. Avoid flashy graphics, but still have fun with layouts and designs! Get creative with color scheme and images, while still keeping it simple. When designing, be sure to include graphics already associated with your dentist office for consistency and memorability.

Include the necessary links.

In every email, you should always include links to your social media pages and website. Building a following on social media will further increase brand awareness. Easily accessible links will make subscribers more likely to go to your platforms.

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