Best Mouthwash To Add To Your Oral Care Routine


Best Mouthwash To Add To Your Oral Care Routine

Not only does a good mouthwash freshen your breath, but it can also prevent plaque build-up and remove harsh bacteria from your mouth. Knowing which mouthwash is right for you can be tough, as different washes benefit your oral health in different ways. Here are the best mouthwashes for gingivitis, natural care, whitening, fluoride, bad breathe and sensitive teeth. 

Best Mouthwash For Gingivitis: Oxyfresh Lemon Mint Mouthwash

Oxyfresh Lemon Mint rinse is the best mouthwash for gingivitis because it contains low concentrations of chlorine dioxide and contains zinc to fight off bad bacteria. It also contains xylitol, a natural plaque-fighting sweetener, and aloe vera. Oxyfresh is dye-free making it safe for those with veneers. 

Best Natural Mouthwash: Uncle Harry’s Natural Alkalizing Miracle 

Uncle Harry’s mouthwash soothes the throat while also naturally balancing pH and neutralizing bacteria. It also works to reduce swelling and remineralizes tooth enamel by neutralizing acids. Uncle Harry’s mouthwash is also a great option for those with sensitive teeth. 

Best For Teeth Whitening: Crest 3D White Diamond-Strong

Crest 3D rinse contains whitening powder from 1.5% peroxide concentration to whiten teeth. This wash also has a high level of fluoride but is safe enough to not weaken teeth enamel. The level of fluoride is perfect for lifting stains by penetrating the teeth. While this is a great rinse for teeth whitening, it’s not great for those with sensitive teeth.  

Best Flouride Mouthwash: ACT Anticavity Flouride Rinse

ACT’s wash works to strengthen enamel to prevent tooth decay and remineralizes soft spots. This is also an alcohol-free wash, so you won’t get the burning sensation other washes may give you while rinsing your mouth. 

Best For Bad Breath: Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield Mouthwash

This antimicrobial rinse leaves your breath fresh and minty for up to 12 hours. Its cetylpyridinium chloride properties help fight gum inflammation germs and plaque. This Colgate rinse is also alcohol-free and comes in three different flavors. 

Best For Gentle/Sensitive Teeth: Oral Essentials Sensitive Teeth

This rinse contains no harsh chemicals, alcohol, sugar or artificial dyes, making it the perfect wash for those with sensitive teeth. The wash’s dead sea salt contains minerals like calcium, phosphate, and manganese that make teeth stronger.

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