What To Do About Receding Gums

Receding Gums Treatment

What To Do About Receding Gums

Receding Gums TreatmentYour gum line is more important than just having a great smile. It can also be an indicator of the health of your gums. If your gum line is receding it might be telling you that you bit off more than you bargained for. Also known as Gingival recession, it is a condition where the roots of the teeth become exposed because of the loss or shrinking of the gum tissue. Proper treatment is important. If left untreated, it can lead to poor bite, periodontal disease, or even tooth loss. Depending on the degree of recession, there are a few different options for treatment.

  • Brushing Habits
    If you’re an over exuberant brusher, consider switching to a softer bristle and use easy circular motions to massage the gum line instead of hard washboard like movements. Also include regular flossing to clean the pockets between the teeth that can hold bacteria and plaque which can cause Gingivitis. 
  • Regular Dental Cleanings
    Having your teeth cleaned regularly can help extend the life of your gum line. Sometimes a deep clean is necessary, depending on how often you can get in. Cleanings remove the plaque build up that is above the gum line that can cause Gingivitis that can cause receding.
  •  Dental Surgery
    If the gums are severely receded, then a graft from another part of the mouth may be used to repair or replace the gum line.

imagesPrevention is the best plan of attack. This would include proper oral hygiene which is twice daily brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist. Contact us to schedule your check up today!

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