Helpful Dental Tips for the Holidays

Dental Tips for the Holidays

Helpful Dental Tips for the Holidays

Dental Tips for the HolidaysThe holidays are here, and while this time of year is wonderful and full of holiday parties and social occasions, it is not the easiest on your teeth. However, even though the holidays are often busy and party-filled, there are ways to have a healthy balance between enjoying yourself, and keeping your teeth’s health in mind.

Whatever your plans are for the holidays, following these simple holiday dental tips will help ensure that your days are healthy and happy for both you and your teeth!

Be nice to your teeth

While you might just want to dive into eating those warm chestnuts, don’t jump the gun and use your teeth to crack open a nut. This is why we have nutcrackers! So if you are hosting a party or a get together, make sure you have plenty of nutcrackers available. Or if you are a guest, ask before you grab one – the temptation might be too hard to resist! You most likely won’t win against a nut’s shell, so take the few extra moments to use a nutcracker. The same advice goes for opening packages and bottles; we know you get excited, but your teeth are not the correct tool for the task.

Eat healthy

While there isn’t anything that can replace a toothbrush, there are certain foods that are better for your teeth. For instance, reaching for dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and milk will give you the calcium you need to have strong teeth and bones. In addition, certain fruits and vegetables also act like stain and debris removers, so instead of reaching for sweets eat an apple or some strawberries instead! Carrots and celery are also an excellent choice, as these crunchy items will help keep your teeth clean by increasing saliva production and can also help prevent stains from setting on your teeth.

Drink water

This is especially important if you find that you can’t stay away from the delicious and sweet teeth staining treats! So if you indulge by eating something sweet, dye-colored, or drink red wine, coffee, black tea, or soda – be sure to follow it with a glass of water. This is especially important to do if you don’t like eating the foods that help keep your mouth clean and healthy. Drinking water after you eat will not only help you stay hydrated, but will also help wash away food particles, as well as offset any stains.

Have a dental travel set handy

Having a travel set of hygienic tooth products always on hand is an excellent way to keep your teeth clean and healthy on the go! Make sure your kit contains a travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss so you can quickly freshen up while you are out of the house. While it may not be possible for you to brush your teeth after every meal or snack, having dental floss and mouthwash on hand will give you the ability to freshen up quickly, and can help remove the bacteria that water alone cannot flush away!

Happy Holidays!

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